【New account creation application】

As we previously mentioned, on June 1st 2019, our login system will be fully replaced.
You will be required to create a new user account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

■Please see the steps below to apply for a new user account creation.

1. Your user ID is registered as your email address and you will able to use it on new user account and also password will not be changed.
2. For users who apply this, we will create new account taking over registered information on existing account.
3. Your personal information including Mail address, Full name, Organization name, Country, Address, Password will be migrated to new system.
4. We are planning to create new user account on around later May and inform you as soon as creation finished.

This application will be in effect until around May 20th.

■If you don’t apply at this time

If you don’t apply for a new user account creation at this time, you can register a new account by yourself on the new system launched in June.
Below are the steps to use our service again.

1. Please register your information in order to create new account online.
2. An activation mail will be sent. Please check it and activate your account.

Please make sure that @partcommunity.com, @cadenas.de, @cadenas.co.jp, @web2cad.co.jp domains are in your email whitelist, otherwise we will not be able to deliver the activation email and alerts related to your account.

We will migrate our login system to the new user authentication system managed by CADENAS group (German headquarters CADENAS GmbH). Therefore, please read and accept CADENAS GmbH privacy policy in advance.